Monday, July 28, 2008

NICHI's First Anniversary

July 24 was the longest day of the year I supposed or that’s what I wanted it to be. It was a year since our Nichi left us for a journey to an everlasting life. The day before, I went to the ossuary located within the compound of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral which is walking distance from our place to “borrow” Nichi’s urn and bring it home. July 24 was a special day and former classmates and best friends will be coming over and I wanted him to be with them. Nichi always enjoyed being with his friends and they too enjoyed his company. During the time that Nichi was still around the same group frequented our house. They worked as a team doing assigned projects and home works or just played around.

Leng and Joan, Ate Tye’s berks (friends) arrived in the morning. Leng was on vacation from work in the Middle East. Leng and Joan are some of Ate Tye’s friends/UPLB classmates who have been part of Nichi’s life. Ate Win’s friend and classmate in college Anna dropped by early in the evening. Anna has also been part of the family and very fond of Nichi and Kuya Migs giving them gifts on Christmas day. Kuya Jowin’s friends also came.

Nichi’s classmates arrived in the afternoon after dismissal from their classes. The group is now in their junior high. They chat and joke with each other—the usual thing they do whenever they are in our house. They browsed Nichi’s new photo album prepared by Kate and viewed Nichi’s video clips. It gave me the feeling that Nichi was among them or watching on the side or hovering above them. The group feasted on spaghetti, macaroni salad, fried lumpia and kare-kare which were prepared by Mommy earlier in the day. It was late in the evening when the group said goodbye and thanked us for giving them the opportunity to be with us on this special day.

On occasions such as this, Nichi will always say, “Ate Win, I wish you were here!”

On occasions such as this, we all say, “NICHI, we all wish you were here!”

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