Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Writer - Master of the Universe

Once a friend asked me, “If you die and live again what would you like to be.” I was not able to answer right away. I thought this guy wants me dead! He asked the same question but this time with an increased volume in his voice. I said I want to become a writer and because it’s just an “if”, I might as well be a famous writer. “Why is that so?” was his follow up question. Because a writer is more powerful than the heads of all the superpowers combined! He can alter anybody’s fate—he can make the poor become rich. He can transform the ugly into beauty. He has a solution to every problem. He can make us laugh. He, too, can make us cry. He can make us fall from our seat from excitement or bury our head on a pillow in fear. He can make us travel in time. A writer tells stories and these he unselfishly shares with others and the product of his imagination sometimes finds realization.

Now it’s my turn to ask a question. Do you not want to be a writer?

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