Thursday, August 14, 2008

Francis Magalona - Diagnosed with Leukemia

Who wouldn’t know Francis “Kiko” Magalona, the master rapper who has created his own niche in the Philippine entertainment industry and the first Filipino rapper to successfully crossover the mainstream? This lovable person whose youthful face has always betrayed his age (he is now 43) is truly an icon in his own right. He had composed nationalistic songs which young and old alike love to sing and made music videos for several local bands and solo artists. I just couldn’t imagine that this young energetic man had been diagnosed with leukemia. For me, that’s far from reality-- but it is true. When I heard the news, I could not believe it. I do not want to believe. I know what Francis and his family will be going through. It will be a tough battle for Francis. I know how hard it is to have someone in the family with leukemia. I know this for a fact—we had been there before.

Francis and his family will need all the support (financial, emotional, spiritual, etc) from relatives, friends, colleagues, fans and everybody to help them through the very rough sailing journey ahead. Most importantly, they have to know that they are not alone in this battle and this should give them the necessary courage and strength. I am appealing to all especially to those who will be able to read this short blog to pray for Francis and his family that they may be able to crossover this ordeal.

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