Friday, August 1, 2008

Kapamilya: Deal or No Deal

I turned on the television set and there it was the banker’s offer was PhP600,000. There were only 3 remaining briefcases with the corresponding amounts of PhP300, PhP500,000 and PhP2M. Game show host Kris Aquino asked, “Deal or no deal?”

This is a scene from the local television game show “Kapamilya: Deal or No Deal” which largely depends on pure luck (or does it?). If the lady contestant accepts the offer she can go home PhP600,000 richer, if not (no deal) she will be given a chance to pick and open another briefcase—she opted for the latter. I whispered to myself, “Ow sheyt na malagkeyt this lady is pushing her luck too far!” The case opened and revealed the amount of PhP500,000. Now briefcase #23 which is with the contestant and briefcase #14 were the only ones left unopened. Which of these two will correspond to PhP300 and PhP2M? The banker’s final offer was PhP888,888. For the last time, Kris asked, “Deal or No Deal?” While the audience’s reaction was divided, the contestant’s members of the family stood firm and were shouting “no deal.” I, too, was shouting in front of the TV set, “goddamnit take the money and run!” The lady was adamant and explained that she was born on the 14th and is now 23 years of age (the numbers on the 2 remaining briefcases) like luck was on her side and she will be a millionaire this young. “No deal” was the response and Kris opened briefcase #23 and revealed an eye-popping figure of 300!

In making crucial decisions, more often than not, rationality is of vital importance. I mean, you know, if the 2M was in briefcase #23, fine she’s a millionaire but unfortunately it turned out not to be. If she accepted the banker’s offer she could theoretically have lost say a little more than a million pesos but going home with PhP888,888 would seem fair enough for a “half hour’s work.” As it was she went home with 300 pesos not even enough to buy a family size pan pizza.

Well, if it’s any consolation, 300 pesos is something out of nothing!

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-tye- said...

Ayy!! We were able to watch this episode last night. (Thanks to TFC!)

I guess luck works that way.