Friday, August 8, 2008

Team USA Road to Olympic Redemption

Coach Mike Krzyzewski and the Team USA Basketball

LET THE GAMES BEGIN. Today the 2008 summer Olympic games open in Beijing, China. In 2004, Athens, Greece hosted the games. It will be a tough job for the Team USA in their quest for gold redemption. The last time they won the gold was in 2000 Sydney Olympics. They had to content themselves with bronze 4 years ago. Are they going to have it again this time? Clustered in Group A are protagonists Argentina (defending champion), Australia, Croatia, Iran, Lithuania and Russia while in Group B Angola, China (host), Germany, Greece, Spain and USA. Main round of action will be on August 10-18. Quarterfinals are to be held on August 20, semis on August 22 and the much awaited finals on August 24. Good luck to head coach Mike Krzyzewski (his name I cannot memorize let alone pronounce right) and his team. To pareng Kobe and pareng Jason—go go go!!!

Okay friends I want to introduce to you the members of the Team USA basketball to the Beijing 2008 summer Olympics. Here they are:

Team members are 4 Carlos Boozer, 5 Jason Kidd, 6 Lebron James, 7 Deron Williams, 8 Michael Redd, 9 Dwayne Wade, 10 Kobe Bryant, 11 Dwight Howard, 12 Chris Bosh, 13 Chris Paul, 14 Tayshaun Prince, and 15 Carmelo Anthony.

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